English for scientists and engineers

Online English classes via Skype for scientists and engineers: technical vocabulary, scientific reading and writing, exam preparation (IELTS & TOEFL).

The language consultants of YourEnglishConsultant.com have been working closely with diverse professionals from prestigious science and engineering firms for years.

We have trained various directors of companies, engineers, scientists, researchers, administrators, and other professionals from some of the most important engineering firms and laboratories in the United States of America, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

We offer these services to companies, students of science and engineering, and professionals around the world. We have helped our students and clients to edit and translate academic articles for publication in the most prestigious academic journals.

Additionally, we offer the same editing and translation services to public institutions and private businesses in various science and engineering fields. We have trained students for public speaking in seminars, symposiums, congresses, conventions, and negotiations with other businesses.

We give support to academics and businesses by providing translations for academic publications, public speaking, congresses, seminars, symposiums, conferences, presentations, negotiations, and much more.

We offer specialized English classes for scientists, engineers, researchers, and students of science and engineering students.

We supply all the necessary information and preparation to obtain certification for international exams, such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

  • All language levels
  • Intensive courses
  • Individual or group classes
  • No enrollment fees

In YourEnglishConsultant.com, we teach our classes online for our clients’ convenience and to ensure their progress through regular attendance. Our students take their customized courses from the comfort of their homes, laboratories, offices, or even on the road when traveling., saving valuable time and avoiding difficulties associated with tight schedules and transportation to class.

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