Consulting Services

English-language consulting services. Marketing, advertisements, telephone and customer service, negotiation, speeches, and presentation writing and preparation. provides ingenious solutions to the communication problems that abound in the globalized contemporary world.

We have years of experience offering English consulting services related to:

  • Preparation for work projects and presentations
  • Training for telephone communication and videoconferences
  • Job interview preparation for individuals and human resources personnel
  • Support for public speaking, conventions, conferences, symposiums, congresses, and so on
  • Advice on writing, editing, and translating academic articles

We train professionals, business leaders, and workers in English-language negotiation and customer service. Our students range from business executives to secretaries, receptionists, customer service and administrative personnel, and much more.

 We are English-language experts in:

  • Negotiation
  • Customer service and support
  • Marketing and sales

We also offer:

  • Translation of web pages, contracts, advertisements, signs, instructions, and manuals
  • Support for reading and writing correspondence, email, and contracts
  • And much more

For information about consulting services, please contact us.