Conversational classes

Online conversational English classes from your home or office via Skype. Pronunciation, speaking, listening comprehension, debates, games, and much more!

In, we offer English conversation classes tailored to fit each student’s needs.

All our teachers have university degrees and wide experience in teaching English as a new language (ENL).  Our professional instructors are all native English speakers who possesses the necessary tools and knowledge to help students improve their pronunciation and grammar through stimulating conversation. Additionally, they have the education, training, and materials needed to explore and converse intelligently and enjoyably on diverse contemporary topics.

We listen carefully to our students to discover their interests and needs to direct conversations more effectively toward the topics and materials that will contribute most to their progress. Our philosophy is that the students who enjoy classes are the students who learn the most.

An infinite range of possible conversational classes exists, including:

  • Reading a text (article, poem, study, and so on) and debating it
  • Listening to a song, then explaining and/or translating it
  • Watching a movie or video outside of class and discussing it in class
  • Taking on diverse roles and simulating fun and/or real situations (scenes from everyday life, interviews, telephone conversations, and much more)
  • Debating topics that interest the student
  • Learning while playing games
  • And much more!

In, we teach our classes online for our clients’ convenience and to ensure their progress through regular attendance. Our students take their customized courses from the comfort of their homes, saving valuable time and avoiding difficulties associated with tight schedules and transportation to class.

For information about conversational English, please contact us.