Frequently asked questions.

Who will be my teacher/translator/transcriber/consultant/editor?

The team at YourEnglishConsultant.com consists of professional freelance teachers, translators, transcribers, consultants, and editors who have been working in their respective fields for more than twenty years. We personally know all the people with whom we collaborate and can vouch for their professionalism and the quality of their work.

How long will it take me to learn English?

The time it takes for individuals to learn English depends on a variety of factors, including the amount of time dedicated to studying in class and outside of class, the facility with which individuals learn languages, the prior experience that students have studying English and other languages, and the experience and knowledge of the instructor. Since all our teachers have more than 20 years of experience in the teaching field, you can rest assured that you are in the best of hands when you study with the professionals at YourEnglishConsultant.com. Do not believe the hype of marketing materials and miraculous methodologies from companies, apps, and websites that promise that you will learn English in a matter of months. While making notable progress in such a short period of time is realistic with hard work and a good English teacher, learning a language is a complex endeavor that requires time interacting with native speakers. Those who promise miraculous results are simply interested in your money, not in your progress.

What is the best way to learn English?

The best way to learn English depends on the background, goals, linguistic ability, and other personal factors of the individual student. This is why we offer a free trial class for our students in which an experienced teacher can evaluate their situation and help them to develop a customized strategy based on the myriad of significant factors that will affect their progress toward their objectives.

How much do services cost in YourEnglishConsultant.com?

The prices of our services depend on many factors, so the best way to receive a firm quote is to contact us with a description of your specific English-language needs.

Do I have to pay in advance for services?

In general, English classes can be paid after they are taken. Sometimes we ask for partial payment before beginning a project. All of this can be easily clarified if you contact us with a description of your specific English-language needs.

How can I pay for services?

We accept payment via Paypal, which allows you to pay with a credit card or bank account associated with your Paypal account. For clients residing in the United States of America, we also accept payment via check or bank transfer.

How many people can attend a class?

Since each class is tailored for the specific needs of the students, students can organize their class as they see fit. Typically, our classes have between one and three students.

Does the number of students affect the cost of the class?

No. We charge our students by the hour, rather than the number of students in class. So one strategy for keeping costs down for some students is to find friends who can share the class.

What time tables are available for my English classes?

Since we only offer tailormade classes, our students are able to customize their class schedules to fit their lifestyles. Additionally, we offer flexible time tables to students who cannot schedule classes on fixed days or at fixed times.

Can I change my time table?

Yes. You may change your schedule at any time you want, subject to teacher availability. If your teacher cannot accommodate the change that you need, we will find you another teacher who can.

Can I cancel classes that I cannot attend?


Yes. You will not be charged for any class that you cancel at least twenty-four hours beforehand. Also, some teachers will allow you to reschedule canceled classes. We simply ask you to inform your teacher of any class cancelation as soon as possible.